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These Etherlatch™ connectors feature a rugged, metal shell, designed to fit around a standard RJ45 plug. It also protects the fragile RJ45 plug from being shattered by massive objects. The locking mechanism makes each connection as robust as possible and prevents accidental disconnection, while the strain relief extends the life of the network cable.

Etherlatch™ connectors are a perfect alternative for AVL networking applications where a more robust connection method is necessary. Running audio over Ethernet, networking digital audio, or lighting control will require Etherlatch™style cable connectors. IO-EC-L style is perfect for applications where space for strain relief may be limited and the removable housing makes it compatible with standard network switches.

The IO-EC-L style Etherlatch™connector has a twist off metal housing so the cable can be used with standard networking equipment and it comes with a T-Ring for any network cable under 6mm O.D.

L Style Etherlatch Connector

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  • - High Quality Components

    - Durable, Locking Connectors

    - Makes Perfectly with Neutrik Connectors

    - Fits Standard RJ45 Jacks

    - Rigid and Durable Zinc Die Cast Shell


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