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Designed for perfect data and control transmission, this DMX cable features 4 bare copper conductors arranged in two high quality twisted pairs along with an aluminum foil shield and a tinned copper braided shield. Along with its 120 ohm characteristic impedance, this cable meets all the ESTA guidelines for a True DMX512 cable.

The IO-XLR5-M-BK and IO-XLR5-F-BK connectors feature durable die cast zinc shells with built in latch locks which provide a reliable connection when mated with the opposite gender. They also feature a sturdy plastic insert that tightens onto the cable to provide strain relief while an additional rubber boot delivers extended support from excessive bending. The silver plated wire terminals and PE insulation ensure a great signal every time.

It's durable and flexible PVC jacket protects the OFC conductors from whatever life throws at it. Add to the equation the two shields and the conductors have double the protection from EMI resulting in a dependable addition to any professional lighting technician's toolbox.

Professional DMX Cable

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