This cable transmits a wide bandwidth with no noticeable roll off in low or high frequencies. What you get is really pristine audio quality. The conductors are made of the highest quality Stranded Oxygen Free Copper and silver plated to improve conductivity. The first braided shield is also composed of pure oxygen-free copper while the second braided shield is composed of tinned copper. Our use of foamed polyethylene improves insulation and lowers capacitance. Additionally, our use of conductive PVC prevents noise from any mechanical vibration. 

IO-XLR3-X Premium Microphone Cable

SKU: 364215376135199
    • High Quality Components

    • Double Braided Shield to provide 100% Coverage

    • Perfect Sound Transmission

    • Foamed PE Insulation to Lower Capacitance

    • Low Noise Floor

    • Very Flexible Design

    • 4 Conductor Design Eliminates EMI