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The Performance Series XLR cable is made using two stranded, 24 AWG, OFC conductors in a tight-pitch twisted pair configuration. The use of PE insulation helps reduce the capacitance while a spiral copper shield provides great EMI and noise rejection. To top it all off, the sturdy PVC jacket is designed to take the abuse of any environment.

The IO-XLR3-M-BK and IO-XLR3-F-BK connectors feature durable die cast zinc shells with built in latch locks which provide a reliable connection when mated with the opposite gender. They also feature a sturdy plastic insert that tightens onto the cable to provide strain relief while an additional rubber boot delivers extended support from excessive bending. The silver plated contacts ensure a great signal every time.

Performance Series Mic Cable

SKU: 366615376135191
PriceFrom $8.31
Excluding Sales Tax |
    • High Quality Components

    • Durable, Locking connectors

    • Perfect Sound Transmission

    • Great EMI Resistance

    • Low Noise Floor

    • Very Flexible Design

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