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To meet the sonic expectations of discerning musicians around the world, the TBK Series instrument cable contains OFC conductors and a layer of conductive PE insulation. The use of these materials ensures that the final product consistently delivers a solid performance. Conductive PE absorbs changes in capacitance that occur when musicians run, walk, or shake their instruments on stage.

The IO-T2MBK connectors feature an extremely durable nickel tin plated brass shell and includes both a metal clamp as well as a metal pressure chuck which tighten onto the cable to provide extended strain relief. The gold plated plug contacts, silver plated wire terminals, and conductive PE insulation all ensure the best possible signal flow and extend the useful life of the cable.

The cable comes equipped with a durable and flexible PVC jacket to protect the cable from whatever life throws at it. Additionally, a copper spiral shield protects the conductors from EMI. The result? A dependable companion for any musician.

TBK Series Instrument Cable

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